As studies are conducted and finished every season, it is essential for the breeder to see the germplasm information and save a list for different purposes. EBS administrators can also create and update germplasm attributes and relations, and merge two or more of them. These activities can be done in the Germplasm tool.

For breeders, they are allowed to search germplasm information, specifically:

  • find available germplasm;

  • update germplasm information; and

  • save a germplasm list to be used in future experiments.

Aside from searching for germplasm, the administrators also allow to:

  • create germplasm records and relations;

  • update germplasm attributes; and

  • merge two or more germplasm records.

Let’s get you started!

Get Started

  1. From the dashboard, open the Left Navigation panel by clicking Show left nav () found on the left of the Top Menu.

You may also use the shortcut Alt + L to open the Left Navigation panel.


  1. Once the Left Navigation panel is open, click Germplasm.

The two other search options - Inventory Search and Trait - are similar tools with respective user guides.

Great! You can now see and use the Germplasm tool. Breeders and non-admin users, can view the Search tab wherein they can search and manage germplasm information.


Aside from the Search tab, administrators can also access the Create, Merge, and Update tabs. These tools allow them to create new records and relations, merge two or more of them, and update their attributes.