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The Enterprise Breeding System

The Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) is a breeding software developed for crop breeding programs for poor farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The EBS builds new and connects with existing breeding software and data solutions to offer a suite of powerful tools, so that breeders can focus on using data to create better varieties, faster.

The EBS is being created to cover all breeding activities, and breeders no longer have to manage their own data between different applications and databases. As such, breeding activities are supported through the following domains:



More information is available at the EBS website.

Demo environment

A demo environment is an instance of a system specifically created to allow users to try out its capabilities and features. The EBS demo environment showcases powerful functionalities that can be explored by prospective users and adopting institutes.

Specifically, the EBS demo environment is for the following purposes:

  1. To provide users with enough information and experience to make adoption decisions,

  2. To be the primary training environment, and

  3. To provide a publicly-available sandbox.

The EBS team focused on preparing the Core Breeding domain for the demo environment’s initial offering for Milestone 7. This will also support the following crops:


What should I keep in mind when using the EBS demo environment?

As users of the EBS demo environment, please be informed that:

  • The system resets regularly.

    • This will be a monthly occurrence.

    • This means that your account will be deleted along with the rest of the data in the demo environment. You will have to request for your access privileges again.

  • Sensitive/confidential data should not be made available in the EBS demo environment.

    • The demo environment will be available to a lot of other users around the globe. As such, the demo environment is not the proper space to load and save confidential data on your experiments.

Where do I start?

Request for your EBS demo environment user account

You can request for your EBS demo environment user account through the EBS Support Desk. Click on the image to be redirected.


Note: Only accounts from the CGIAR, CIMMYT, IRRI, and Google Mail are supported at this time.

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