Experiment Manager


Breeders often conduct multiple experiments across locations and seasons. After they finalize their experiments in EBS, they also need to oversee or manage individual occurrence. The Experiment Manager tool allows breeders to:

  • view and edit experiment and occurrence metadata;

  • map and view the planting layout of occurrences;

  • set management protocols;

  • download and upload field book (data collection), mapping files, etc.;

  • download planting instructions;

  • call other tools with pre-loaded information;

  • print field tags;

  • view occurrences in a location; and

  • share an occurrence to a collaborator.


Get started

1. From the dashboard, open the left navigation panel bar by clicking Show left nav () found on the upper left of your screen.

You may also use the shortcut Alt + L to open the navigation panel!


2. Once the left navigation panel is open, click the second option - Experiment Manager.


You can now see and use the Experiment Manager tool. You can see the different experiments you’ve created using the Experiment creation tool and their respective occurrences.

Great job! Let’s get started with managing one of your experiments!