Experiment Creation


An integral part of the breeding process is planning and creating experiments. The Experiment Creation tool is a set of sub-tools that help you organize experiment plans, outline field management details, and identify the tasks conducted within a certain season.

In the EBS, there are five experiment types: Breeding trials, Intentional Crossing Nursery, Generation Nursery, Cross Parent Nursery, and Observation. Let’s get started by navigating to the Experiment Creation tool.

Getting started

1. From the dashboard, open the left navigation panel by clicking Show left nav () found on Top menu. You may also use the shortcut Alt + L.


2. Once the left navigation panel is open, click the first option - Experiment Creation.


Great job! You can now see and use the Experiment Creation tool. You will be greeted with a table that will reflect any experiments that have been created.

Create experiment

Create your first experiment by clicking Create on the upper right of the data browser. You can then choose which experiment type you will create - a breeding trial, intentional crossing nursery, generation nursery, cross parent nursery, or observation.

Manage experiments

While creating your experiments, you can manage your experiments by viewing the experiment information, editing it, deleting a draft experiment, and copying a created experiment.

View experiment

  1. Click the View Experiment () button beside one of the experiments.


  1. In the modal window under the selected experiment name, you will see the Basic tab that contains all the experiment information, the Entry tab that has the list of entries added to the experiment, and the Occurrences tab that has the list of occurrences created under the experiment.

  2. You may click the OK button once you’re done viewing the experiment.


Edit experiment

To go back to creating your experiment after leaving it for a short period or to update it before completing its creation, click the Update Experiment () button.


Delete draft experiment

To remove a draft experiment, click the Delete Experiment () button.