Data Collection


After collecting data, it is necessary for breeders to review, validate, and manage the collected data for each trait (variable). The Data Collection tool helps breeders to:

  • upload collected data;

  • quickly conduct basic data validation;

  • automatically compute trait variables;

  • select plot data to suppress and/or unsuppress; and

  • commit the validated data to make it available in the EBS and for analysis.

Get Started

1. From the dashboard, open the left navigation panel by clicking Show left nav (☰) found on your screen’s upper left.

You may also use the shortcut Alt + L to open the navigation panel.


2. Once the left navigation panel is open, click Data Collection.


You can now see and use the Data Collection tool. The main table that you see on the Data Collection page is called the Transactions table. These transactions reflect any data that you’ve uploaded, validated, or committed.

You may also view the Modifier and Modification Timestamp columns by adding them to the transaction table. Click to access the personalized grid settings and add the columns.

Great job! Uploading your data is the starting point of using the data collection tool. Let’s get started!