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You can only access the EBS if your name and email address are already registered in the system. If you’re not sure if your account is already made, contact the person in charge of registering EBS accounts in your organization. Once your account is secured, only then can you log in. For the step-by-step process of logging in, you may refer to this guide.


Make sure that you are accessing the EBS using the email that was registered in the system to create your account. If you’re not able to log in, it’s possible that (1) you don't have an EBS account yet or (2) you’re using a different email from the one registered in the system. Either way, check with your administrator about your account details.

Tool Use

First, you should have an account made by the person in charge of creating EBS accounts in your organization. For the step-by-step use of the EBS tools, you may refer to the EBS User Guides. Currently, we only have the EBS Core-Breeding but the rest of the tools are underway.

To have a good start on the EBS Core Breeding, we highly encourage that you get familiar with its workflows and some key terms that are used in the tool. In that case, you may refer to the EBS Overview guide to get you started.


You can only finalize your experiment if all of your entries have a designated package or seed source. In the Entries tab, you can check the Availability column and ensure that each entry has a selected status. For entries with a SELECT status, you need to select packages per entry.

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