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At the start of the breeders' EBS journey, theList Manager will come in handy. This tool will enable users to create and manage different types of lists that they can use in different applications in the system. The List Manager tool allows breeders to:

  • Create seed, germplasm, and trait lists;

  • Browse, view, update, and delete the lists that they have access to; and

  • Manage the access control of a list.

Getting started

1. From the dashboard, open the left navigation panel by clicking Show left nav (☰) found on the top menu. You may also use the shortcut Alt + L

2. Once the left navigation panel is open, click List Manager.


You may easily access List Manager


on your


dashboard by adding List Manager


to your Tools widget. It will stay there unless you remove it.

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You can now see and use the List Manager tool. You will be greeted with a browser where you can manage lists that are owned by you and have been shared with you.

Great job! Let us now learn how to create a list.