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About EBS

The Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) is an open source breeding software developed for crop breeding programs for poor farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. EBS aims to support all breeding activities through the following areas :

Core Breeding Workflows

The Core Breeding tools of the EBS support mainly three breeding workflows.

titleAdvancing Nursery


Before diving into the how of the use of the EBS tools, it is good to understand key terms that you will be encountering in the EBS first. We call them the EBS Concepts. In the succeeding pages, some EBS concepts are explained with a text description, while others are explained with diagrams and examples.

Logging In

To ensure the security and confidentiality of your breeding information, the EBS can only be accessed by users whose names and email addresses are already registered in the system. If you have not yet registered or are unsure if your information is already in the system, you may contact your organization’s system administrator. Once your account is created and secured, you can now log in!

1. Open your web browser and go to the EBS website. We encourage you to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for a stable connection.

2. From the landing page, click Login.

3. Make sure that you sign in using your EBS registered email account. Refer to the drop-down menu below for the log in options.

titleLog in options

CGIAR AZURE AD - For Microsoft accounts using domain

IRRI GOOGLE - For google account using domain specifically provided by IRRI.

CIMMYT AZURE AD - For Microsoft accounts using domain but specifically provided by CIMMYT


If you are using multiple possible emails in the same browser, you will be prompted to select the correct one.

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4. Wait until you are redirected to the Identity Server page where you will be asked to share certain information from your profile with the EBS.

5. Click Approve Always and Continue.

If you have previously logged in with the EBS, you do not need to perform Steps 4-5.

6. Wait until you are redirected to the EBS dashboard.

Congratulations! You have successfully logged in to the EBS. Welcome to your new breeding informatics software. Let’s get you started and familiarized with navigating the system.

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